Burger Bistro Amsterdam

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At Burger Bistro we offer our guests a great experience with the highest quality dishes and outstanding service.

Our story

We strive to elevate the burger experience to its top shelf – because you and your burger deserve better. While other “burger joints” serve their burgers in wax paper, or in a cardboard box, Burger Bistro holds itself to a higher standard. Burgers this great deserve to be served stacked high on a real plate, at a table with a proper setting, and with a great glass of wine or a craft beer, by a person who speaks the language of real service.

A Burger Bistro burger could never be eaten standing up. Knife and fork are optional. We like them medium rare with a nice pink center and juices running down your arm, but you have it as you like it. We like them with a few premium toppings that are there for a reason, not just to sound good, or with hopes of going viral.

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For reservations please call +31206200153.